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Before Wayne changed the name of the band to 'Fit and the Conniptions' it was called 'Fast Freddie Fourier and the Transforms'. This was the only release under that name.


released December 16, 2002

Wayne Myers - vocals, guitar, bass
Brian Hedemann - drums
Kevin Davy - trumpet, flugelhorn
Alero Scott - vocals

All songs written by Wayne Myers

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Waseem Munir at Bonafide Studios, London, October 2002

Cover design by Esther Tang




Fit and the Conniptions London

I'm Wayne Myers, a singer-songwriter from London. I've been recording and performing increasingly misnamed bluesy folk-rock under the name Fit and the Conniptions since December 2005.

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Track Name: Chez Tina
hang the clouds down low upon me
let wind blow softly on me
where the river meets the sea
in whispered evening melody

sunset on the beach betrays me
sand and stone will not upraise me
angel voices come to guide me
where the harmony will hide me

chez Tina
chaque soir
on decouvre

now the rolling rocks are ringing
run right through by Tina singing
joy and pain and dancing, spinning
back again to the beginning

chez Tina
chaque soir
on decouvre
Track Name: Bush of Thorns
she stands alone in the desert
in a bush of thorns
and the thorns have no mercy on my naked limbs
and i can't move forward
and i can't move back
and my blood stains the desert sands red

she dances lonely in the desert
in her bush of thorns
and the bones of her friends are lying scattered in the sand
they couldn't move forward
and they couldn't move back
so they hung on the thorns till they were dead

but she is happy in the desert
with her bush of thorns
she is happy with the blood and the thorns and the bones
and she won't move forward
and she won't move back
and she counts all the men she owns
Track Name: Dark Eyes
dark eyes burning deep with power
growing stronger by the hour
light the path where i must go
beyond the evening undertow

back into the rolling water
mother ocean, river daughter
where all things change and flow
beyond the evening undertow

stand still - moments leave you
no-one ever will deceive you
only time and tide will know
beyond the evening undertow

tear starred eyes of joy and sorrow
looking out beyond tomorrow
let the lessons learned all go
beyond the evening undertow
Track Name: Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty
and the Beast
in telepathic messages
in looks and smiles
and looks away
in anything but words
surrounded by her hedge of thorns
protected by his hairy roughness
Sleeping Beauty
and the Beast
went flying with the birds

the birds all turned
and spoke to Beauty
"why this merry dance
you lead your Beast?
do you not know for sure
what you may yet unmask?"
and to the Beast
they twittered
easty noises of encouragement
-- quite what he dared
believe his goal
they could not bear to ask

for Sleeping Beauty cannot
be awakened but by One True Kiss
from One True Prince who cuts
the One True Way through her defence
the Beast meanwhile
can barely smile
since Belle gave up on him
and wed another
Sleeping Beauty and the Beast?
can that make sense?

no sense at all
nor logic
for these matters are of love
and of the heart
as it is written
it is spoken
it is done
and hopeless dreams of hope may turn
in time
and Sleeping Beauty
and the Beast
may yet discover
what is Two and what is One

for Beauty's One True Prince
and Beauty's Beast
may yet be found the same
and Beast's True Belle
and Beauty
may yet turn out to be One
and Sleeping Beauty
and the Beast
must dance this minuet
in different guises
for eternity
until the lesson's done